Cash flow modelling software enabling your clients to see things clearly

Our cash flow modelling software intelliflo planning lets you build, stress-test and adapt client plans with minimal effort and maximum impact. Visually engage with clients, give them confidence in their financial life choices, and experience the benefits for your business.

Strengthen client relationships

  • Instantly engage clients with side-by-side graphs that show the impact different scenarios have on their plan - giving them the power to make confident, informed decisions.

Minimise compliance burden

  • Provide consistent advice by managing all clients on one cash flow modelling system, minimise errors through a single point of data entry, and trust in the transparency of the audit trail.

Maximise fees and profitability

  • Transform meetings, uncover new revenue opportunities, boost efficiency and put cash flow modelling where it should be - at the heart of every client relationship.

How intelliflo planning works to support you and your business

Total transparency

Depend on the clarity the audit trail provides, with every update logged and highlighted.

Detailed tax computations

Deliver robust, future-proof advice with swift tax calculations and clear visuals.

Unlimited scenario planning

Compare the impact of different strategies (side-by-side) inside the plan.

Efficient goal analysis

Quickly calculate protection needs as well as the scope for loss, spend and return.

Simplified data entry

Save time and ensure accuracy with the intuitive single point of data entry system.

Fully customisable settings

Ensure consistency across all users by applying firm level assumptions across multiple variables.